What Kind of Jewellery Would Suit Me Best

I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself.~ Mae West.

Clasp my love around your neck,

Wear my heart on your finger.

My soul will be your pendant:

I live to adorn you –

You’re the precious one.~ Grey Livingston, Genuine Adoration


Diamonds… That’ll shut her up.~ Ron White.

A woman wears her tears like jewellery.~ Author Unknown.

These are few quotations by people making fun of and appreciating the unbreakable bond between a women and jewellery (not just hers). Few years back a friend of mine got a beautiful diamond chandelier as her first wedding anniversary gift. She shared this news with me and sent me the photograph in which she was flaunting her gift. I (Being a woman to the core) got ……Jealous (I know you are laughing ) and decided to buy one for myself. Went to many jewellery shops and tried all the available chandeliers but none of them looked as beautiful as the one my friend was wearing. WHY?? Was the big question.

Should we mention this?

And after years of search believe me I didn’t get my perfect chandelier till I met my friend a Jewellery designer and a gemmologist. She said you are not looking in right direction,
It’s not just the piece of jewellery but your face type also which is important while you choose one. The right necklace or pair of earrings can emphasize features you love like your eyes or chin or neck while drawing attention away from features you’d prefer to remove attention from. Find right piece of jewellery which can flatter your looks is essential or like wardrobe malfunction your big purchase can prove disastrous.

Each face is different but with some guidelines we can determine which shape of face we resemble the most .Let us determine your face shape.

The most common names for facial shapes are oval, pear, heart, square and round, but variations exist for each, and a few are known by two different names. The best way to determine the shape of your face is to pull your hair back so that your entire face, including the hairline, is visible.

Oval Shape face

Oval Faces:

You are lucky if you are born with classic oval face! Oval face is neither too long nor too wide.

  • Oval faces are widest across the temples and forehead.
  • It taper from the forehead down to a curved chin, and are about three-fourths as wide as they are long.
  • You can try almost any shape and style of earrings
  • A cute style for you will spiral dangler earrings whose length is above your chin.
  • You should avoid long earrings which droop passed your chin because these will make your face look elongated.
  • You can choose from either long or short necklaces. However, if you have a long neck, then pick a short necklace.

Pear Shaped Face

Pear Shaped Faces :

  • Pear shaped faces are also known as triangle shaped faces.
  • A chin and jaw that are narrow, leading to wider cheeks and a forehead that is still wider.
  • Pear, or triangular, shaped faces are usually at their best with long necklaces, but be creative by adding pendants and mixing a variety of chains and necklace lengths.
  • The extra adornments will help bring more balance to a strong-jawed face.
  • The same goes for earrings, a little extra length can help elongate your face and create balance.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Faces:

  • A strong forehead and a narrow, defined chin.
  • The bone structure is so beautiful without earnings that it is a shame to distract people from your face
  • If you have small chin, wide forehead, and prominent cheekbones, you have heart shaped face.(a hairline with v shape in centre of hairline)
  • With your face teardrop, chandelier, circular, and triangular earrings, match the best. They will highlight your chin.
  • If you have a heart shaped face, then you should avoid the earrings of the same shape, for instance, heart shaped hoops.
  • An interesting style for you will be pyramid shaped earrings.
  • Complement these earrings with a small chain in your neck.
  • Diamond shaped faces are similar, but more angular — lines are not as ‘soft.’
  • Choker or short length necklaces work best for this facial type, because they create more bulk near the narrow area of a face enhancing its balance.

Square Shaped Faces

Square Shaped Faces:

  • If your forehead, jawline and chin are of the same width then you have a square shaped face.
  • From curved, drop to dangling earrings, all will suit your face.
  • You should avoid wearing square and rectangular shapes.
  • Add roundness to your face with hoops, long teardrops, or multi-layered danglers, which will give length to your face.
  • If you are searching for a style that will elongate your face, then necklaces, which extend below the neckline of 28″ to 32″ inches
  • Soft v-shaped neckline helps elongate and soften the square lines of face. A collar length necklace above a strapless dress, another option for accentuating a square face.
  • Minimizing width to make a face look longer multi-strand styles, help to balance out a heart or diamond shaped face.

Round Shaped Faces

Round Faces:

  • People with round faces have a natural youthful softness to them.
  • If the length of the face is equal to its width and outer curve is nearly in a circular shape.
  • Settle for long and angular curved lines. This will add a little angle to your face.
  • Long and dangling earrings are the best choices for women with round face. You can also go for square and rectangular shape earrings, as they will lessen the roundness of the face.
  • Shouldn’t go for round earrings as they only end up emphasizing the roundness of the face.
  • If you are searching for a style that will elongate your face, then necklaces, which extend below the neckline of 28″ to 32″ inches, are for you. It will be a great choice to add definition to your face.