Tips to make your man fall for you

Don’t scare them off 


“Let’s talk about our future together” or “I want you to meet my parents” Say this to a guy and he would run away shouting “Not this again.” at the speed of thousand miles per hour not looking back for once. For you it could be that he is emotionally drained but trust me you are no different from other women he has met. Sshhhh hear this out  men care a lot about their real  relationships. They think about them all the time. They talk about them with their friends. They don’t have list dos and don’ts for a girlfriend and they cannot tell you what their needs are —What if you take something the wrong way? What if you ask us a question that they just don’t know how to respond to, or can’t bear to answer?

Be their laughing partners 

Men never compare their woman with victoria’s secret models as they find it superficial. Mostly men don’t fall such for girls. They like woman who are smart with a great sense of humour and they expect her to be polite sweet and genuine. But most sense of humor it serves as mental matchmaker. “It’s a sign of intellectual compatibility.” Laugh with him on him and on yourself.

Humour removes awkwardness between you and him, in such situations. Secondly, it identifies common grounds and it shows the real you.

So go ahead gear up with good humour. Wield your humour wisely and he’ll be hooked for good.

Take a step in PDA 

Men want a woman who’s willing to show her love in public.  Be a woman who is confident enough in her sexuality to make a move, no matter what the circumstances. That doesn’t mean you do anything you are not comfortable in. Subtle display of affection like a close kiss during a walk, an innocent touch on this thigh in the car, even a smouldering look shot across a crowded dinner party, any chance you get alone with him in lifts ,parking area passing through corridors, stairs etc. you can gently stoke his fires. His hips, eyes, breathing and smile will tell you how much you can experiment. If he moves closer, that’s your green light to heat things up.

Tips to make your man fall for you

Give them your ear, lips and sexy hug when sad 

Men want a partner a companion to share, not a caregiver to take care. They want you to be more than just fixing their errant hair or straightening shirt collars. A man wants to be with someone who will defend and support him. It’s easier for him to accept help from you to admit that he has a weakness. Be there to help them fix their problems not their character flaws. Cook for them, when they are hungry, take them to a doctor when sick, when there’s stress at their office help them to lift their mood up. When he starts trusting your company he would spend his maximum time with you.

Compliment them for the real inside us

He loves to know you love his abs, biceps but what he actually hopes you like him for something that flutters your heart. Could be his touch, the way he looks at you, kisses you or simply the way he tells you about your day. Be sincere and specific: “I love how safe you make me feel” ,”You’re so great” “any day with you is dream come true.” . Appreciate his efforts to care for you.

Break the curfew time occasionally

Be smart enough to grant your man the occasional guys’ night out. But make the most of that long leash you’ve granted him. Look at his best available pals as fix-up material for your solo friends. And if he’s planning a pub party meet his crew at the bar, buy the first round, then leave them alone so they can spend time together with a note “You have a blast with the boys, hon. I’m going to head home and relax.” He’ll keep you in mind all night long, and later on his buds will gripe less when you’re on a date with him. It’s important for you  to relate to his friends, not just tolerate them. You don’t have to love your boyfriend’s friends, but you do need to respect their relationship with him.

…And Let us meet Yours

They are jealous, possessive and they hate that side but they love you. They know you flirt, and mostly they don’t mind provided it’s only casual. Men want to be with a girl who radiates, someone who makes other people say, ‘Wow, she’s interesting, engaging, and attractive’. They want her to be social with other men without being blatantly seductive. So introduce to your male companions at work place or social if you want. They will feel less threatened by the other men in your life if they are friendly with them, too. You might even invite them (don’t make it a daily habit) to tag along for after-work happy hour once in a while. Just throw a reassuring sexy glance at them every now and then by making eye contact across the room.

So what they don’t have chums they also have mood swings 

When he is not acting like himself, simply say, “You look wrecked. What’s up?” If he starts spilling his soul, resist your basic female urge, guys only want you to listen. Be sensitive but not intrusive. For a guy, simply telling you about his troubles can be enough, without trying to resolve them. If that doesn’t work, divert his attention. Helping us forget about that overbearing boss or obnoxious friend.” Sometimes go out for a drink, cooking dinner together, or watching a movie.
Men don’t enjoy Foreplay is a myth

Prolonging the sexual play is what they also enjoy. Longer foreplay helps men to know their partner, her preference, with their partners, give them confidence and make them control over ejaculation.


There’s nothing as sexy as a successful woman. They want a woman who wants a career. But you also have to sync your free time with theirs. Plan nights together at least a week in advance. And when you do have a romantic night alone, steer the conversation away from the water cooler. Your guy wants to feel as if your relationship is your priority when you’re together. Oh, one more thing: If you make a lot more money than he does, that’s cool. Just don’t flaunt it. Men still want to split costs evenly. Treating them once in a while is fine, but rather have you splurge on a vacation or a meal instead of reminding them of their financial shortcomings by paying two-thirds of the rent every month.

Primp too much is big no

They appreciate the extra effort you put toward looking great before a date. He can enjoy the visuals, and you make him look good, too. But if you want to walk out the door without ruining his mood, follow the 10-minute rule: Give a realistic departure time and then hit your mark within 10 minutes. If you take any longer, he has every right to be annoyed.

All this is not to make you run his whims and fancies but for you to be in control of your relationship and understand your man better and not losing up a really great guy.