Tips for Healthy hair

To begin with, it’s very important to remember you have to start with healthy hair in order to grow hair long and healthy. Thus, it’s important for you to cut all damaged hair off before you start the growing process. Once you have only healthy hair left, use these five hair tips to learn how to grow longer hair as fast as possible!

Get Regular Trims! When you’re growing your hair longer, it’s extremely important to get a hair trim on a very regular basis. When you get your hair trimmed, it removes any split or damaged ends. Visit your salon every three to four months for a trim of about one half inch. If you color your hair or use harsh heat appliances on it often, you may need a trim even more often than this.

Skip The Heat! Using hair dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, crimpers or flat irons on your hair can be extremely damaging. But as these gadgets are part and parcel of your regular grooming and dressing sessions at use good products to recover the damage as far as possible. You can opt for good quality serums, Hair protecting gels and lotions, good quality shampoo and conditioner and most important regular oiling, massage and spa treatment. Use your blow dryer on low settings or allow your hair to air dry for as long as you can before blasting it with hot air.

Be Careful Of Ponytails! A ponytail can be a great way to cure a bad hair day, but it can also damage your hair if not done properly. Avoid wearing tight ponytails very often if you’re trying to grow longer or healthier hair. Tight ponytails break your hair. If you want to wear your hair up with a clip or hair band, be sure it’s done so in a loose style. This will reduce the amount of damage to your hair, while still letting you wear your hair up.
Use Hair Replacement Products! Consult your doctor about hair replacement products. You may benefit from using products like Rogaine, to help your locks become healthier and thicker.
Hair Food: Nutrition does play a part in healthy hair growth. However, it’s important you focus on the specific vitamins thought to take a big role in hair health. Pantothenic acid is helpful for stimulating vitamin consumption and stopping hair loss, while helping re-growth. Biotin is supposed to help cell development, prevent hair loss and stop premature graying of the hair. Inositol and Folic Acid are thought to keep the hair healthy and allow for good blood circulation in the scalp area.