The Shoe Dictionary : All with “B”

Here’s the B part of the Shoe Dictionary.

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Ballerina Flat:

A ballet-style flat meant for everyday wear. Ohh!! Dear girls do think only hells make you look like killer machine. This harmless and heelless cute pairs can look amazing just be a little smart. Ballerina flats have a tendency to make ones legs appear shorter, so tinkerbell women may want to stay as far as possible. But pair them with a shorter skirt extending the amount of leg that is shown. Surely these types are especially great on women of medium height or taller.

Ballerina Flat02

Ballerina flats with satin or embellished uppers can seem especially dressy and elegant, while leather skimmers are a bit more casual and are great for pairing with jeans and shorts. If you’re looking for a fun, sporty look, a casual canvas skimmer is adorable. So you can wear them with Capri pants, Leggings, Full-length, flat front casual or dress pants; Any jeans without pleats or gathering, Shorts, Skirts with hemline at or above the knee or some wide-legged pants. Avoid teaming them with Pants that are too long, long narrow skirts, Pleated pants with narrow legs. These will make your midsection appear bigger, while making your legs seem shorter. Wearing ballet flats with longer skirts and dresses can create a romantically feminine silhouette, but will make short women appear shorter and heavier.

Ballerina Flat01

So here are some styling tips for you girls

1. Create a streamlined silhouette to lengthen your body. A simple shift, belted shirt-dress, crisp shorts or pants will rock.

2. Ballet flats look best when you dare to bare. Show some skin with shorts, skirts or dresses that fall above the knee, or cropped pants that reveal your ankles.

3. Elongate your legs with a pair of nude colored ballet flats worn with bare legs, or long leggings matched to the same colour as your flats. Making your legs look longer.

4. When wearing cropped pants, or boyfriend jeans, roll the cuff to finish at the skinniest part of the leg above your ankles, or up to 3 inches higher.

5. Dying to wear your skinny jeans with ballet flats? If they’re tight right through your calves and down to your ankles, it’s a big tick. Wear them long.

6. Balance the practicality of the shoe and its lean, classic silhouette with amped up accessories. A statement necklace, large cuff, bold belt, cocktail ring or bright tights can add the wow factor.

7. Ballet flats are more-often-than-not worn in direct contact with your skin, so look for flats that are fully lined in leather. This lining will allow your skin to breathe and stay comfortable. To check that they’re lined, put your hand into the shoe and feel all the way down to the tip.”

8. You can wear ballerinas while shopping an easy to slip on and off in change rooms. Coffee with friends. It’s chic and comfortable. Walking to work. Makes your pace faster and comfortable if you are a go green and fitness freak. At the beach parties and weddings. They’re easy to kick on and off, and to empty of sand.

Beach shoes:

Flip Flops, Boat shoes, slides, water shoes and gladiators are some of the style of beach shoes. These are easy slip on and off, they don’t mind getting wet, easy to walk on beach, stylish –available in different colors, functional, sporty, durable and comfortable. Gladiator sandals have become a hot style recently and for women who want to look stylish on the beach, these are the perfect sandals. The great thing about them is that every pair looks different then the next. There are so many cute cover-ups and other options to wear with beach shoes. If you’re stumped for what to wear to the beach or just want a little bit of inspiration, here are five beach day outfit ideas.


1. “Shorts and a top” look a lot more interesting. A black mono-colored bikini doubles as a top when worn under denim shorts and a button-down white shirt left unbuttoned for maximum cool factor. A fun floral bag adds color and interest team it with gladiator sandals.

2.  A loose tees and shorts combine for the ultimate summer uniform, while a basic black bikini is universally flattering. Some sandals and a bag

3. Bright and acid wash for shorts or hot pants play up a bright bikini.

4. A pretty pastel dress, layered over a crisp white bikini with metallic accents. A wide brimmed hat adds style and sun protection for your scalp, while white and gold metallic accessories tie the whole ensemble together.

5. White beach kaftans paired with some stud-embellished flip flops, sunglasses and a colorful tote.


Boat shoes

Boat shoes have a variety of different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. These shoes have a casual appearance and are versatile enough to be worn with just about any outfit. When shopping for boat shoes, women should first know how to properly style the shoes. Depending on how they’re styled, boat shoes can be worn while out and about running errands or while attending a party on a yacht.

With Khakis pants. But pants should not be darker than the boat shoes. The neutral color allow wear just about any color or style top. Blue and dark brown boat shoes are the ideal choice to go with khaki pants.

With pleated skirts in all colors and in various lengths. Maxi skirts are popular for the summers but best is to wear colour full shorter skirt with boat shoes and plain blouse or colorful ruffles with skirt are also great when paired with boat shoes. Worn-out denim skirts go along with boat shoes of all colors and designs. When choosing a skirt, women should move toward casual and fun skirts and stay away from dressy skirts or skirts with harsh lines. Boat shoes complete a preppy look, but they are also part of a relaxed look. Because of this, they will tend to clash with most formal outfits.

boat shoes

With Shorts that are not darker than their boat shoes. Women can choose light colored denim shorts, khaki, or white shorts to go along with brightly colored boat shoes. Choose brightly colored shorts to go along with darker colored boat shoes.

With Jeans are so versatile. They can be paired with skinny jeans or flare/boot – cut jeans. One important thing to keep in mind when wearing boat shoes with jeans is that women should make sure that the entire boat shoe is visible under the jeans. If the bottom of the pants covers the top of the boat shoes, then they should be rolled up to expose the shoes.

With Casual Tops of any type shirt or blouse. Women should opt for t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and sweatshirts for relaxed looks. Opting for a t-shirt instead of a blouse ensures that the wearer is not choosing a top that is too dressy for the shoes. Oversized tops in fun colors, patterns, and prints can be worn with casual shorts or jeans and paired with boat shoes making the look a little dressier yet casual.

Accessories for Boat Shoes

Sunglasses: sunglasses have solid plastic frames and can be found in a wide variety of bright and bold colors. To really make the outfit fun, women can choose boat shoes and sunglasses that have fun and bright colors to go along with an outfit that is otherwise toned down.

Jewelry: Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with any outfit that they wear boat shoes with. When it comes to choosing bracelets, bangles made of metal or plastic work the best. Women who are wearing tops with a low cut neckline can wear long necklaces. Likewise, large, dangly, or hoop earrings work best with these types of outfits. Women should steer away from formal jewelry and opt for fun and flowing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Hats: A wide brimmed summer hat can be worn. Women should opt for white or light colored hats. Just like with pants, women should avoid wearing a hat that is darker in color than her boat shoes.

boat shoes

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Boat Shoes

·         Don’t wear boat shoes with socks.

·         Don’t wear boat shoes with black pants or dress pants.

·         Don’t wear boat shoes in the winter.

·         Don’t worry about getting boat shoes wet. That’s what they’re designed for.

·         Do wear boat shoes in unusual colors and patterns.

·         Do wear boat shoes with tops that have floral and colorful prints.

·         Do make sure that feet are clean before wearing boat shoes.


Bowling shoes

Comfort is key when swinging a heavy bowling ball. That doesn’t mean your tops can’t also be feminine.  Lace lover team your bowling shoes with white, crocheted shirt  .For edgy look wear black lightweight tee with studded, short sleeves .For more comfortable and subtly sexy look with shorts.


Knowing how to wear brogues for women can be a bit tricky if you’re not used to wearing this style of shoe. The brogue shoe is becoming an increasingly popular, and comfortable, choice of footwear for women. This style of shoe is also ideal for working a menswear inspired trend. If you want to know how to wear women’s brogues, take a look at a few of the following tips.

Give this masculine style of shoe a feminine twist by teaming a pair with a dress. You could go for a variety of looks such as sleek and contemporary with a shift dress or something more playful and flirty with a full-skirted dress. When it comes to how to wear brogues for women this way, it’s all about wearing them with confidence.

Work a genderless evening look in the style suit. Team black patent brogues with a slim fitting tuxedo pants, a crisp white shirt, and fitted blazer. Complete the look with a smoky eye and a bold red lip.

Team a pair of tan or light colored brogues with faded jeans and a sweater for an effortless weekend look. This version of how to wear brogues for women is about comfortable dressing but still with a certain amount of chic to it.

If you want your outfit to be a bit more assorted team your brogues with maxi length skirts or dresses. A pleated maxi skirt, slouchy t-shirt, and brogues is all you need to create an offbeat kind of outfit. Stick to skirts made from flowy fabrics and with more volume as they set off a nice contrast to the masculinity of the brogue shoe.

Wear your brogues with cuffed trousers, Oxford shirts, tailored shorts, and even A-line miniskirts. When it comes to achieving this look of how to wear brogues for women, it’s very polished with a bit of a retro twist.

A brogue shoe in either pastel or bright hues will give your outfit a stylish lift. Make a colour blocked outfit that extra bit daring with a colored brogue shoe, or keep it sweet with neutrals and pastels.

Brogues are typically low-heeled but platformed and heeled versions are also available. Finish comes in the range of glittery shiny to metallic to studded detailing. There’s a style of brogue to suit nearly all tastes. When it comes to how to wear women’s brogues, make a statement with a bold pair that you think best reflects your dazzling personality.