Practical Aspects Of Being A Parent

Practical Aspects Of Being A Parent

What are you Parents or a Couple??

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding things you do. It is also hard work and needs a lot of patience and commitment. It’s a constant change in you, your priorities and environment. Babies grow and learn so quickly that you may need to change the ways you parent every day. You not only need to be active but also healthy – mentally, physically and emotionally to develop right values in your child

Parenting Dreams

Once you are a parent you have a lot of dreams about your baby. How would you take care and nurture them so that your baby becomes happy and healthy. While you take advices from other parents, think about the kind of parent you would like to be. As no parenting theory is the best. It’s not like one size fits all. It changes from baby to mother, from household to environment.

We as a parent chalk out a lot of expectation for ourselves. I want to be a parent who:

  • is there whenever my baby needs me.
  • feeds my baby whenever and wherever she or he is hungry.
  • keeps my baby safe.
  • keeps my baby as healthy as possible.
  • plays with my baby every chance I get.
  • helps my baby explore the world.
  • listens to my baby.
  • reads and sings to my baby.
  • knows when to walk away and cool down.
  • knows when to seek advice and help.
  • makes time to look after my own health.

Practical Aspects Of Being A Parent

Think about your parenting dreams and write down a few goals you can use to guide your parenting. If you have a partner, try this activity together.

But what is most important is that in your parenting taking the front seat your relationship with your spouse does not suffer. Parenting a baby can be a very stressful time in a relationship. It is easy for parents to neglect each other because the baby can take most of the focus and energy of the family. It is important that you find time to take care of your relationship.

Here are some ways in which you can nurture your relationship with your partner and enjoy the bliss of parenting together:

  • Go on regular dates together. Idea is to spend quality time with your partner and keep the spark between you alive. It is not only necessary for you but also for good development of your baby’s emotional development to see parents in love. So write it on your calendar and have a babysitter or trusted family member take care of your baby.
  • Make midweek dates, even if it is just for a coffee. Drop in for a lunch together at lunch times. Try and shop for grocery together. Use this time to reconnect.
  • Make time for a healthy sexual relationship. Take help of experts to know how you can continue your healthy sexual life even after you have a baby.
  • If possible, travel to and from work together.
  • Take an evening class together.
  • Plan and cook meals together.
  • Connect every day. This could be some quiet time before your baby is up in the morning or after bed in the evening. Even 10 minutes to talk about the day may work.