Post Valentine’s Day Love: 50 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special

Now that the Valentine’s day is gone, would you will let the love with your man also go?

No, right?

So here are some tips to make every day special and filled with love.

50 Ways to make your man feel special

  1. Kiss him on the lips. Every day. For a long time.
  2. Slip a love note into his lunch.
  3. Snuggle into him. Any chance you get.
  4. Dress up. Wear something you feel pretty in.
  5. Wrap your arms around his neck.
  6. Smile at him with all your heart.
  7. Turn up the music and slow down the dance.
  8. Wake him in the morning with a kiss.
  9. Give him a knowing wink from across the way.
  10. Arrange for a sitter. Then go somewhere special.
  11. Go to bed early. Together.
  12. Listen sympathetically to his day.
  13. Hold hands. Whenever you can.
  14. Write a message on his bathroom mirror.
  15. Laugh at his jokes. No matter how many times you’ve heard them.
  16. Run your fingers through his hair.

50 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special

  1. Fix him his favorite foods.
  2. Talk late into the night.
  3. Reach out and touch him. Often.
  4. Send him a text. That would make him smile.
  5. Whisper secrets in his ear.
  6. Enjoy his company. Just ’cause you like him.
  7. Go for a long walk. Arm in arm.
  8. Plan special surprises for him.
  9. Look for little ways to delight him.
  10. Let him know how much you missed him while he was gone.
  11. Seek to be together any time you can.
  12. Greet him with an adoring smile.
  13. Offer him a back rub.
  14. Leave no doubt of your devotion.
  15. Tell him about the attraction. You feel for him.
  16. Let your fingers do the talking.
  17. Prepare a picnic. Then head over to the park.
  18. Cuddle up on the couch and watch an old movie.
  19. Turn the lights down low.
  20. Sneak away to a nearby cafe.
  21. Walk outside on a clear night. And stare at the stars together.
  22. Light up when he enters the room.
  23. Brush your lips against his forehead.
  24. Bake cookies and deliver them to his work. Personally, if possible.
  25. Speak in that sweet tone. Saved just for him.
  26. Chase the kids off his lap. To make room for you.
  27. Call him up. Just to say, I love you.
  28. Sing him a love song.
  29. Sit on the porch. And watch the world go by.
  30. Lay your head on his strong shoulders.
  31. Thank God for him. Every day.
  32. Light a small fire. Deep in his heart.
  33. Look lovingly into his eyes.
  34. Fall asleep in his arms. Whenever possible.

Of course, this is only a start. You’ve probably got lots more ideas to add to this