Memories from childhood

Today i am 32 and mother of two kids, when i see my 5 year old daughter it reminds of my childhood. It amazes me the way she gets her things done from me . She has this favorite story of hers “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” which she makes me read her every day before I put her to bed . This summer while I was visiting my mom, i asked her to read Nishna her bed time story as I was bored reading her the same story again and again. My mother with a sweet smile on her face said “I will .I have done that for you for a pretty long time. Ridhima do you remember a poem i use to recite to you when you were a kid”. And yes i did remember that poem. When I started recollecting I missed on a lot of word and lines. It was a Hindi poem which my mom learned during her school days and use to recite it for me every day. . I asked her to recite it again but even she couldn’t recollect the exact words.We searched for the poem at various places but invain . And today i finally found it. So i am sharing this with you. It is a very beautiful poem written by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan who’s a very old and talented poetess. This poem is about a mother and a daughter and I hope you like it.

Mother Daughter

Main bachpan ko bula rahi thi bol uthi bitiya meri,

Nandanvan si phool uthi yeh chhoti si kutiya meri.

“Ma o” keh kar bula rahi thi mitti kha kar aayi thi,

Kuchh muhn mein kuchh liye haath mein mujhe khilane layi thi.

Pulak rahe the ang drago mein kautahul tha chhalak raha,

Muhn par thi aahlad-lalima vijay gaurav tha chhalak raha.

Maine puchha “Yeh kya layi?” bol uthi voh “Ma kao”,

Hua praffulit hriday khushi se maine kahan – “tum hi khao”.

In the poem the poetess is trying to see her childhood in her little girl, when her daughter offers some of the mud to her mother, to which the mother fills up with overwhelming joy and lovingly refuses the offer – she doesn’t stops her daughter from having it too. The happiness the poetess experiences in her child’s joy and love is remarkable. The unassuming turn down of the offer and the affectionate encouragement are a pure joy to read while you feel those emotions.

If you have any such beautiful and undented memories from your childhood, please feel free to share it with us. Send in your experiences at “[email protected]” .