Magical Memory Boosters

Six natural types of food that boosts your memory

1. Whole grains: Whole grains are not only wholesome and stomach filling with good carbohydrates, but it also releases glucose slowly in your blood streams that keeps you mentally alert and increases your concentration

2. Blueberries: This delicious innocent little delicate fruit improves your memory and delays short term memory loss due to increasing age and other stress factors.

3. Tomatoes: This red juicy delicious vegetable often appreciated for its colour and often related to a woman blushing contains lycopene which protects your brain cell from getting damage.

Memory boosters

4. Pumpkin seed: Mostly associated with Halloween and pies worldwide is full of zinc. It enhances memory and thinking capacity.

5. Broccoli: It’s high in vitamin c and dieters fibers potent anti-cancer properties and enhances immune response system. It also has vitamin k. Broccoli enhances cognitive function and improves brain power.

6. Nuts: Funny thing is a person without brains is called nuts, but actually a nuts prevent cognitive decline in the elderly people and delays the loss of memory.


So try and add maximum of the above food stuffs in your daily diet and increase your mental capabilities and concentration.