Jeggings: The Jeans Leggings – Do’s and Donts

Women’s have much more versatile range of dressing in comparison to men.  Men have jeans pants and cargo pants; women have jeans pant, cargo pant, jumpsuits, rompers, leggings and the others.

Legging is a skinny pant for women. Plus size women are not recommended to wear skinny pants especially with short tops including leggings because they will look bigger when they wear those skinny pants. So designers have innovated leggings keeping plus size woman in mind.

Jeggings 03

Jegging are leggings that look like jeans but don’t really make of jeans. They are of thicker material than leggings hence cover up the flabs in a better way .There are some tips of wearing them.

  1. Jeggings for women should be worn with loose and long tops. As Jeggings are very skinny and as they show women’s body indentations, we need to cover our bottom wearing long top. And to balance the tight or skinny of jegging, long top is the best choice. Tunic, mini dress, and the other tops that are long and loose are allowed to be worn with jeggings for women.
  2. To make your jeggings for women look edgy, you can combine them with sneakers, T shirt, and leather jacket.
  3. Best footwear is knee high boots and the other boots. But you can consider wearing platform pumps to make your legs silhouette looks sexy.
  4. Jeggings have skinny design to make the wearer looks sexy and chic. So choose jegging that fit to your legs, not the ones that are loose or too tight.
  5. Jeggings with dark colors like black, dark brown and dark blue are more compatible for mature women and for you who want to look mature. While jeggings for women with light colors like light blue, light brown, and grey.

Jeggings 01 Jeggings 02