“I’m not a one in a million kind of girl. I’m a once in a lifetime kind of woman!

“Paradise 4 women”… I am madly in love with the idea of being on this blog for a simple reason that it made me realize “I am growing up!”… I am 24 years old and should be on matrimonial sites or sinking myself in a well paid 9 to 5 job having the time of my life with friends on a weekend…

Shweta Parakh

Here I am, CEO & Founder of “Purple People Labs”… What? Purple People Labs is a student driven edutainment production house…. phewww… thats it! We just work with 6 year old to 16 year old kids & make films! YES ! We support kids to script-shoot-edit their ideas & experiences into films!

A Production House By Kids! That too 6 to 16 year olds… Why should kids make a film? Where did this idea come from? Why have you taken up entrepreneurship at 24 years that too in a field that does not really exist? Why not a good Job? What will be the returns? (When will you marry if you do all this???)…

Lolzzzz… endless questions poured in when I thought of starting this… but the fun part is- IT STARTED, it’s been a year… The only thing that kept me going is one thought that came from my Dad, he said “Make sure you never have to look back in your life and think of what you could have done through this journey… just get up and do it now” (THANKS DAD I LOVE YOU)…

So where did this started… I was 13 years old when my school started an in-house television studio, I was a part of it and had a socially-relevant show on it in my name called “Shweta Manch”(Hindi for stage), those 15 days of my life made me realise the power of a camera and microphone in my hand. I felt like I could change the world with it… so many hopes so much to aspire that I decided to take up a career in Media.

Most of my friends aimed at “STUDYING ABROAD”, working with a “BRAND NAME” and teenage glues… I never had an aim in lifeJ there was no goal I was running behind… there is still no goal. A goal creates a structure, I don’t want to limit the vision for Purple People Labs to a path or to a goal.

My resume is confused or impressive; I have worked as a journalist in print and television, a radio jockey, a media network head, TV show format sales head, creative marketing,  teacher training, film training for kids, Event Concept to Executions, Edutainment Project Head…. Apart from being in love with all forms of dance, music, art, cooking, talking, fighting and watching cartoons. Not to forget studying and completing my MBA in media management. (I still don’t know how it is helping me)…

Purple People Labs

In all this running around, spending some time with junior kids at my school and sharing my video production experience with them made me feel happy… always… Slowly I started researching on Media produced by kids… a lot… along with the rest of the jobs and studies going on…with every question a child asked me & every answer we found together… Purple People Labs started growing…

At all the places I worked as an employee, I pushed the idea of giving a platform to the vision that children have through the audio-visual medium. The media industry looks for tried-tested programs, they look for experienced people and fresh ideas… is that not an irony?

Purple People Labs started with a vision to catch positive creative ideas young and to nurture them with professional support. Apart from making a film and working with professional equipments, kids develop various skills- working in a team, thinking, problem-solving, time management, visualizing, presenting thoughts… above all each child walks in with an idea and walks out with a film, confidence of believing in what they think and reaching out to the world appreciating itJ

I think this article should be my personal journey and not the journey of Purple People Labs… (maybe the editor could just edit most of it)… I am not running this alone nor do I have people running it with me. There is amazing moral support from a lot of friends and well wishers some occasionally walk in, some stayed and walked out… some have just walked in…

It’s like a baby for me! Every child we train is my friend, I feel responsible to create a platform for his ideas to be nurtured and Purple People Labs is the only way I can… It’s a parallel line created for the world to hear, see, feel the world inside and around them through kids.

Purple People Labs2

I drink, sleep, eat, live and love Purple People Labs..it’s what I do..the spark in the eyes of every child who is a “Young Filmmaker” with us motivates me to be able to never give up.. no matter what!

I take myself out of time to enjoy with my friends and family; I dance, I draw, I watch cartoon (shinchan & Mr.Bean are favourites), cook at home, train kids, struggle for sponsors and funds, move around, etc. Talk to almost all the kids.

Today (7th August 2013) Purple People Labs is 1 year 2 months and 19 days old, with 105 Young Filmmakers from 20 schools.

To start with I have nothing to loose… No one to defeat… no fear… no reasons… Like I said there is no goal… there is vision and passion… and so no destination… just a journey…

Most of my friends feel like I haven’t enjoyed my teenage freedom… I am glad though… coz “I’m not a one in a million kind of girl. I’m a once in a lifetime kind of woman!

I purely enjoy it! Madness has just started…


About the Author:

Ms.Shweta Parakh is currently the CEO  & Founder of Purple People Labs- India’s 1st Student Run Production House & Media Network, Kids-Youth-Media-Change & Edutainment; have been the passions that drive her.

Making her way into the Limca book of world records at 13, for being part of the team that created India’s first in-house television channel, Shweta has taken on several roles of proactive leadership during her formative years.

She has been a sub-editor for Times Nie, Radio Jockey with 94.3 FM College Radio, Reporter & Producer at TV9, Director for a Kids News Show on Sahara Samay, driven several nationwide Kids Media Events, Senior Producer at OOH Medium, Head Ideation and Format Sales with production houses for Television Shows, run a Web Network for kids, Project Head for International Student Film shoots in Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Canada.

She actively works on ground with several NGOs to trigger change through Media and loves children!

As a student she has been a part of several International Exchange Programs and a strong participant at MUNs all over the world. Apart from her work as a Kids Media Edutainer, Shweta is a trained dancer and loves art & craft.

She believes “Winning an Oscar is great, but creating an Oscar is what my heart desires”…

Her vision is to empower each one young at heart to “THINK-DO-REACH”

Go Purple!

Birthday- 19th May 1989

Single, Female

Bikaner, Rajasthan

Indian –Jain



Contact- +91 98 70 246956/ [email protected]