How to make your man crazy about you

My dearest beautiful people when we say we are concerned and we work towards women empowerment we are not just talking, we believe that a woman can talk, walk and rock the world. It also means she can guide her relationship and make them work according to her will. Sometimes giving a little thought about the other person is the basic key for winning over everything.

Recently at a night out with friends we were discussing about relationships (to my surprise the boys too had views about it) and as the discussion continued, I discovered that they also believed in and want a happily ever after as much as we want. They equally get upset when relationships don’t work out due to some reasons. Aware of this fact I put across some points on the table for you to ponder.

How to make your man crazy about you

Everyone loves a stylish woman, men feel cherished when a good looking woman pays attention to them, but they want their girlfriends and wives to be normal. Much as they love our glamorous avatars, they like us equally when we are without mask and in our own skin. Men like the attitude and nakhras, that’s what attracts them towards us. They find it cute when we are fussy about our coffee and demand a certain standard of service but constant nagging is a turnoff. So as much as high standards are welcome, but a smile and a little patience are better. Be polite that’s the best thing with dressing of your girlish charm here and there.

Men alone don’t have the responsibility of a good romance and big gestures. Grow up girls when you are strong enough to take the world under your high heels and killer smile so can you express your feelings and gestures to your man as they also love it. Everyone loves a good romance and the large gestures, including the men. Its tiresome when the pressure is on them all the time. For god sake babes he is your boyfriend not your entertainer, high romances and maintenance is only for romantic novels and movies.

Moral is just as we are normal women who want normal things like love, affection and a little attention. We don’t want to be running after the guy trying to impress and please him constantly same is with guys too. Be yourself and see what happens, because there is someone who will like you for who you are – stripped down and normal.