How to Maintain a Positive Body Image?

Body image refers to a person’s feelings of the aesthetics and sexual attractiveness of their own body. This is the leading reason contributing to increased female anxiety. A 7 years old girl begins to develop a self-awareness of her body and will compare it to other girls. They start getting so fussy about what they ate how they dress etc. 9-11 years old young girls will begin dieting because they do not see their self as thin enough. They no more concentrate on eating good and health and playing outdoor games. A girl gets anxiety for every blemish, mark, a small pimple or any kind of flaw in her skin, hairs, nails or dress and will begin to measure her beauty comparing herself to other girls or models she sees on television.

Women from a very young age develop a distorted perception of their body image. The media constantly feeds them with impossible to live up false images of beauty which are unattainable. Women break their backs, self-confidence and cultivate wrong attitude towards themselves in urge to attain such an image.  So what I would suggest is all you beautiful, smart and intelligent woman out there “Do yourself a favor and do not give in to the negative pressure of being “beautiful to be happy”. It’s always easier said than to face it every day in and out to move about in company of hot sexy bodies with strong body image who wear amazing clothes with amazing fits and we on other have to hunt around for some loose clothes and right cut, right make up etc. etc. that would make us look beautiful. But trust me you can help yourself to come out of this misery.

I cannot list you some 10 pointer program which can vouch for you to turn your negative body thought into positive body image but it can surly give a different perspective of looking at healthier options and to feel good about who you are and accept what you are born with.

How to Maintain a Positive Body Image

How to Maintain a Positive Body Image

1. Appreciate your body. Know its limits and try to mold it slowly and steadily closer to your dreams. Feel good about increasing your body stamina and what all your body does for you like running, dancing, breathing, laughing etc.

2. Make a list of things you like about yourself and read it often. Keep on updating it as you become aware of it.

3. Remind yourself that true beauty lies skin deep and not in superficial mask. When you start feeling good about yourself you would start carrying yourself with more confidence and self-acceptance. Always remember Beauty is the state of mind, not a state of your body.

4. Look yourself as a person in whole and not as a commodity of some commercial product. Don‘t see your body parts or skin or hair or any physical entity but as the person you want others to see you.

5. Surround yourself with positive people. It’s easier to feel good about yourself and your body when you are around others who are supportive and who know the importance of liking you as you are naturally.

6. Stop listening to people who say that you or your body is not perfect. Stop shredding your self-esteem because of some insane voices. As soon as you encounter any such thing start our positive affirmation talk or talk to those people who can give you a good pep talk.

7. Wear clothes that make you comfortable and you feel good about yourself in it. Don’t wear clothes according to people’s choices.

8. Pamper your body. Make it feel you love it. Take a nice bubble bath or a day in spa.

9. Spend time and energy on yourself or try and help others who are facing the same problem you would be able to see a different perspective when you help them out.

10. Stop saying “if only” or “I wish.” These things will surely bring you down and won’t get you anywhere.  Stop looking at the past regretfully or building false hopes about the future.  Love and live the life as you have only one life. So will you spend this moment in loving yourself or to find something negative about youself. The choice is yours.

11. Do small things which make you happy. In your busy schedule you need to take some time for yourselves. You need to make sure that you have time to do things that you enjoy. This will contribute to overall happiness.

12. No one can control you. Your beauty does not come from compliments from a friend or boyfriend. You must believe it yourself first. The problem with this is that you will constantly be searching for compliments and affirmations. This method will always fail because no one is going to satisfy that. That is not your boyfriend’s job. It is your job to KNOW that you are beautiful.