How To Buy Your Wedding Lehenga

Shopping for your wedding lehenga can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. You probably have been dreaming about it from a very long time. You want everything to be perfect on “The Day” of yours. What you most pray for is that you look beyond perfect. Princess. Sore of every girl’s eye and every boy feels how lucky is the groom. The wedding trousseau should be perfect in every sense. So let me help you in how do you go about it? When should you begin? How much should you spend? This checklist will help you figure everything that you need to know.

9-12 months to your wedding:

(a) Start envisioning yourself in the wedding lehenga. Note down how you want to look. I am sure when you have seen brides in past you would have given it a thought.  Say, for instance, elegant, sexy, royal and the likes.

(b) Understand your body type and determine what would look best on you. Never just go by style or fashion. Knowing what would suit is important. Remember to look at your best, relax and able to carry it confidently is important

(c) Browse through different options to find designers and styles you like. Save images for your future reference.

(d) Make a list of all those things that you absolutely do not want in your wedding lehenga. For example, short sleeves, layered lehenga, or long choli.

(e) Determine your wedding lehenga budget. You shouldn’t be spending more than 20% of your overall wedding budget.

How To Buy Your Wedding Lehenga 01

8 months to your wedding:

(a) Start scouting for boutiques and designer stores.

(b) Take the opinion of recently married friends regarding their favorite bridal boutiques.

(c) Decide who to take along in your search for the lehenga. Limit your entourage to not more than three.

(d) Always wear the right undergarments when trying out your lehenga. Also carry few undergarments of different style in case you need for some particular style. Carry a pair or two of footwear’s to wear while trying out.

(e) Take careful notes on the different Lehengas that you like along with their prices.


7 months to your wedding:

(a) Narrow down your lehenga choices. Re-visit a place several times, if required, before making a final decision.

(b) Make at least one trip on your own to look at your options without anyone else judging your decision.

How To Buy Your Wedding Lehenga 02

6 months to your wedding:

(a) It’s time to place the order. You must check a few things on your receipt, like the approximate delivery date, the number of fittings, measurements, total price and the amount of advance you have already paid.

5 months to your wedding:

(a) Call the boutique and confirm the delivery date.

(b) Decide on the accessories (footwear, bridal clutch, lingerie, jewelry) and shop for them.

(c) If you are on a weight-loss programme, try to reach the desired weight before fittings begin. Once the fittings are underway, try to maintain your weight.

6 weeks to your wedding:

(a) Go for your first fitting. Take along a friend or family member whose opinion you trust.  Do not forget to take the essential accessories with you to get an idea of the whole look.

How To Buy Your Wedding Lehenga 03

4-5 weeks to your wedding:

(a) Have a second fitting of your lehenga. Make sure that the length of the lehenga is in proportion to the heels that you’ll be wearing. You should be able to move around comfortably.

(b) Schedule more fittings until you are completely satisfied.

(c) Bring your maid of honor / best friend to your final fitting to learn details about the lehenga such as fixing minor emergencies that might happen on the wedding day.

3 weeks before your wedding:

(a) Go for a final fitting. Try it on and see if any changes are required.

(b) Make the balance payment.

(c) Pick up your wedding lehenga.

How To Buy Your Wedding Lehenga 04

Important point:

Once you take the delivery please ensure u get proper hangers and covers for all the three pieces -Lehenga, choli and Dupatta (in case of 2 dupattas ask for separate hanger and cover). Separate covers ensure that the embroidery of one cloth piece doesn’t spoil or get hooked in the other.

Do not encourage opening and showing it to every guest, relative or friend before the day.

  • One because everyone has different taste. You may get depressed by their negative comment on style, price , colour, etc.
  • Two keep it suspense.
  • Third Less chances of it getting spoiled in removing n putting back and stains by continuous touching.