How Do I Lighten The Skin Color Around Knees and Elbow?

How do i lighten the skin colour around knees and elbow?

The skin around knees and elbows  are usually thicker than its surroundings and has more folds, is rough and dry and appears to be dirty even though the part may have been covered like full sleeved clothes and jeans.The skin is at least a tone darker than the original skin color. It looks ugly and never seems to restore to its original state.Being overweight is  of them. And, another of the most pertinent reasons is eating a lot of sugar. Now, I would suggest you to ponder on certain points? Is your menstrual cycle highly irregular? Have you been to a doctor or ignored it? Are you a teenager going through puberty? Are you having any other dark patches or blotches on your skin, especially near your genitals or breast or neck? If all these questions are answered in negative, you do not need any professional advice. If not, you might need to consult a doctor and get yourself checked. Darkening of skin is usually a symptom to some of the diseases caused by hormonal imbalance in the body.

How do i lighten the skin colour around knees and elbow

Home Remedies and Habits to get rid of the Dark Skin

  • Lose weight. Start pranayam. It is the simplest of the exercises and extremely relaxing.

  • Secondly, stop sugar and processed food. The processed food including are extremely high in their sugar content and can create havoc with your system. Having craving for some have yogurt banana custard which is satisfying enough for the palate or prepare the particular junk food which you feel like munching on at home.

  • Stop leaning on your elbows and knees and you would see the difference in two days

  • Always use a moisturizing and little rough body scrub made from honey or oils like coconut, almond, olive and such. They help in getting rid of the dead cells in these areas in an effective way. Sugar and rock salt are obvious choices for the granular part of the scrub. Use organic products as much as possible.

  • Apply a heavy moisturizer on your legs and arms. They are, generally, the driest parts of the body even if your skin type is oily. Keep the elbows and knees moisturized.

  • Use a loofah at least 3 times a week in your bath if you have sensitive and dry skin and once a day for other skin types. It helps in regular exfoliation of the area and keeps the skin smooth.

  • Applying coconut oil or almond oil is also beneficial as they are best oils for curing dry skin.

  • Use bleaching fruits in combination with moisturizing agents for  applying as a knee packs, elbow pack or scrub. Like, lemon juice with sugar is a good option, even better is tomato juice or pomegranate juice with honey or oils. Fresh Lime (mausambi) juice or orange will give more potent results than lemon.

  • Coconut oil and Walnut powder make good exfoliators for dark skin patches.

  • Mix milk cream with a pinch of turmeric and apply on the affected areas.

  • Aloevera (straight from the plant) also shows lightening of the skin.

  • Keep the elbows and knees covered as much as possible.

  • There should be no deep lines visible on the joints. If you can see lines, that means your skin is dry and you need to moisturize it. Apply oil from Vitamin E supplements topically.

  • Sesame oil is great for moisturizing such areas as it has especially high proportion of essential fatty acids.

  • Massage the areas with oil daily. That will make the skin soft.

The skin on elbows and knees always look little darker than original skin color because of the folds in the skin which increases if you are overweight. So, to check if the color of knees and elbows have lightened, folds on the elbows or knees and see the color. That should give you the accurate state of your skin.