Grow your own vegetables, indoors

Fresh vegetables are not only expensive but also these days the bigger concern is are they really healthy? And the ones sold as organic vegetables or fruits how healthy are they? How can we decide? Then comes the thought, let’s grow our own vegetables. The immediate thought that follows is that we do not have the space for a garden. So finally buying it from the grocery is the only option left with us. But I want to deny this argument; we can actually grow few if not all the veggies indoors in pots, cans etc. If we have a south-facing window and various sizes of growing pots, you can easily grow some fresh vegetables indoors, reducing the amount of produce you buy at the store.

Home garden

1. Use your imagination and get a container that fit on your windowsills. Make a drainage hole in the containers.

gardening pots

2.  Fill the lower portion of the container with around 1 inch of small rocks or pebbles.

gardening sand

3. Mix equal amounts of moss, sand and nice fine fertile soil in a big container and mix them thoroughly .

gardening seeds


4. Fill the containers in which we are going to sow the seed to within 1/2 inch of the top of the pot. Water the pot until water drains from the bottom.

5. Sprinkle the seeds over the wet soil. Some options for indoor vegetables are peppers, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant (brinjal), lemon, ginger, green chilies etc.

6. Cover the seeds with ½ inch of mixture

7. Cover the pot with a light muslin cloth. Remove the wrap when the seed sprouts and seedling emerge from the soil.

gardening sprouts

8. Remove the seedlings when they reach the height of 2 to 3 inches. Plants like tomatoes or lemons, eggplant or pepper can grow one in each pot only.

gardening saplings

9. Keep the soil moist at all times in the container. Sprinkle little water from time to time and see that at least one inch of the soil is always moist

10. Ensure the complete plant receives sunlight equally

gardening veg