Evergreen Romantic Movies

Hey girls isn’t it so romantic? Everywhere you see there is romance. Heaven has let its blue and black tuxedo carrying gentlemen to woo the most amazing creation “The nature” who has got dressed up in most magnificent Emerald green gown with sweet fragrance of soil and beautiful mind boggling accessories of most amazing colour and creation. In this romantic season why are you fighting with unmanageable rains? They are young and reckless and unleashed so don’t try to. Instead you get tuned with them and catch hold of your partners, boyfriends, friends and enjoy this romantic season by seeing some of the most romantic movies of all time. So grab your popcorn tubs and catch hold of your partner and Lights, Camera and Acccction!!!


Some of the best classic romantic movies that I can think of are listed below. You can suggest me more names if I have missed them.

sunrise movie poster

Sunrise: An academy Award winner for best actress in leading role and best cinematography. It is a story about a city woman on holiday at a countryside who falls in love with a married farmer and provokes him to kill his wife. The farmer plans an accident for his wife but instead takes his wife to the city to reaffirm his vows in a church where a wedding was taking place. On the way back home they are hit by a storm. He gets washed ashore and she appears to get lost. The city woman appears thinking he has followed the plan and he strangles her in despair to find his lost wife.


Wuthering Heights: It was nominated for Academy awards in the year 1940 for 7 categories including best actor in leading role, best direction, music writing and screenplay. And Winner for Best cinematography, Black-and-white. It is a story about a farmer who lives with his kids at wuthering heights takes in a starving gypsy child .As they grow up how one of the sibling detest the orphan child and after their father’s death was forced to stay in a stable and his journey to America.

Shop Around the Corner

The shop around the corner: It’s about Budapest in 1930, a Stewart working at a gift shop. He is a pen-pal with the girl of his dreams. What happens when they finally decide to meet? What are the secrets of life they come to know are woven very dramatically in the movie.

Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge: An Academy award nominated movie for best cinematography and music. This movie revolves around the era of First World War to Second World War. It is about a love story of a col. who on the eve of second world war remembers about the most beautiful woman he met during first world and how they fell wildly in love. And how does the destiny separate them and turns the girl into a prostitute.


Casablanca: An academy award nominated for 5 categories in 1944 and won 3 academy awards for best director, picture and writing screenplay. It is a movie about Casablanca in 1941 during war times when refugees were moving towards it for necessary documents. A love story where a man who always says “I don’t stick my neck out for anyone” chooses to do it for this woman and how the movie takes turns is amazing.

Random Harvest

Random Harvest: An academy award nominated movie for more than 8 categories in the year 1943. It is how a man found in trenches during World War II suffering from partial amnesia is rescued from an asylum on Armistice night by a woman and with whom he marries and settles. On one of the trips to Liverpool this man gets knocked down in the street and the lost memories of his prewar life comes back. He returns to his former family and becomes a wealthy businessman. However his second wife now disguised as his secretary patiently waits for his whole memory to be restored.

Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter: An academy award nominated for three categories in best actress in leading role, best director and best writing in the year 1947 and Cannes film festival award in 1946.This movie about two strangers meeting at Milford junction railway station. And meeting again by accident at the cinemas and finally decide to meet again the following week in a restaurant. This movie is about how the faith brings them together from time to time and separates them on the same railway station.

To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief: An academy award nominated movie for Art direction, Set direction and best costume design and Academy award winner for Best Cinematography, colour in the year 1856. This is a story about a cat burglar who steals expensive gems. But after his retirement he settles on The Riviera. But now there is his copycat stealing gems in his name. To prove his innocence he joins hand with a detective who is a beautiful and wealthy playgirl. She believes him to be guilty for all the current stealing and tries to distract him with her diamonds.

An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember: An academy award nominated movie for various categories in 1958. It is the story about a charming handsome man and a glamorous nightclub singer who are on the same cruise from Europe to NY. They are going to NY to meet their respective finance. But Love at first sight strikes them. They spend amazing time together. Before they reach to NY they decide to test their love for each other. They decide to meet on the top of Empire state building in six months and if they are still in love they would show up for sure. But destiny has something else in mind and they fail to meet.

Breakfast at tiffany’s

Breakfast at tiffany’s: An academy award nominated movie for various categories including best actress in leading role to academy award winner for music and comedy. It’s a movie about a girl who moved from Texas to New york. She found ways to allow gentlemen to fund her high society existence. Whenever she is sad she would to go Tiffany’s _the only jewelry shop worth browsing. She has a neighbour who himself has a rich lady friend. But in due course these two get closer but she doesn’t wants to commit to him for any relationship.

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally: Nominated for best writing and screenplay. Two youngsters who were sharing a car trip from graduation to post-college life in NY. They spent 18 hours together and realize they have nothing in common. After a span of five years they met and had their future decided. Argued over a question “can women and men be friends without sex getting in the way”? With their opposing answers they again crossed after 5 years and this time alone without their respective companions. This time they are gonna sleep together. Will they love each other as always in morning??

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman: Academy award winner for best actress in leading role. It is a story about a ruthless, high powered young businessman. While driving to Sunset Boulevard he picks up a prostitute and after a night asks her to stay for a week. Gives her money and asks her to get some clothes fit to attend social functions with her. She was insulted by the store people on the high society boulevard. He rescues her and the hotel manager helps her to learn few high class ethics. Commitment phobic man pays her off but misses her. Will he go back to get her and will she have him?

 Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle: Nominated for many academy awards in 1994. A widower and his son still grieving for the loss of their wife and mother move to Seattle for a new start. But then they decide they need a woman in their life as his wife and mom for his son. He gets on to national radio talk show and pours his heart out. Many women reply to this problem including a journalist. He likes her letter and feels she is the one and set up a meeting.

 While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping: A lonely orphaned toll booth fsre collector for chicago subway is in love with a regular commuter who hasn’t noticed her yet.When he falls onto the linbe she jumps down and saves him and takes him to hospital.While she is waiting by his bedside for his family to arrive hospital .When they arrive finally they are informed that she is his fiance and they are doubly pleased .She keeps up with the charade as she loves being with the family and there she strikes upon his brother whom she falls for


Titanic: Academy award nominated for best actress in leading role and supporting role and makeup. Also 10 Academy award winner in the year 1998. A treasure hunter discovers a diamond in a ship wrecked named titanic and a nude woman’s picture shows it on television to know if anyone was alive from the ship. A 101 year old woman comes out and shares her experience as a young girl on the ship. She was travelling with her mother and a young man whom she did not want to marry. In fit of ending her live she was trying jump of the railing when she met a simple young man with whom she falls in love and they stay together till the ship was hit by an iceberg and even then they determined to stay together for ever.