Dress right for your leg type

No matter what your leg shape is “show maximum length” for your  advantage.

‘Mama always said you could tell lot about a person by the kind of shoes they wear.’ -Forrest Gump.

The golden rule

A thumb rule is whatever your leg type is long, short, fat or thin NEVER cut a trouser or skirt through the fattest part of your leg. This means never wear skirts, shorts or trousers that end mid-thigh, mid-knee or mid-calf it will make you look fatter. Anything above or below the three midpoints is the golden rule.

Leg Types

Short and thick legs

Follow some simple tips and you will see the difference.:

  • Make sure your tops don’t reach past your hips, and that they don’t end on your hips. This will only make you look shorter and wider.
  • Check that the space between the crotch and the waistband is not long or baggy.
  • Try hipster trousers as they fit better.
  • Avoid baggy trousers since this often gives a boxy look.
  • Do wear dark plain colours as this creates slimming illusion.
  • Stay as far away from horizontal lines as you could.
  • Your bottoms shouldn’t be longer than below the knee.
  • Don’t forget the stilettoes add instant height. If you can’t walk in high heels, at least go for a kitten heel.

Short, thin legs

  • Avoid big prints, since this will only make your legs look thinner.
  • Go for finer, smaller prints and lighter colours on the bottom half of your body.
  • Capri pants are great, but make sure they are no longer than mid-calf.
  • Avoid really baggy trousers, as these will only make you look thinner.
  • Leggings are another good option.
  • In  winter, opaque tights and leggings in bright colours  are always in but not a good idea for you if you are in your 30s.
  • Make sure the rise of your trousers isn’t too long as this alters the appearance of length in your legs.

Long thick legs

  • Capri pants will make your legs look even longer and wider avoid them.
  • Leggings are a big NO.
  • Don’t even try to think about tapered jeans.
  • Bootleg and flared trousers with balance are good for you.
  • A good pair of flat-fronted wide-legged trousers will look amazing on your leg type.
  • Open-toe sandals and wedges will give a slimming effect.
  • Make sure the heel on your shoe isn’t too delicate. Go for more of a stacked or thicker heel.
  • A-line skirts in big bold prints are big YES for you so grab one now.
  • Wear dark colours on your lower half.
  • For a change try some detailing on your bottoms may be a patch or brooches on back pockets but they should be big!

Long, thin legs

You are a blessed one and every other girl is jealous of you and every other boy is trying to woo you.

  • wear anything short, dig out those heels and fake tan and make the most of them
  • Avoid really baggy trousers, because if you have thin legs it’s quite likely that you have a thin body, and this will just make you look like you have fat hips.
  • Well-fitted denim jeans or cut-offs will look great on you.
  • A-line skirts may make your legs look a little too thin
  • A pencil skirt will look brilliant and sexy

Heels make any leg look beautiful and long. Keep your pretty legs tanned, moisturized and silky smooth.