Double Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

How to make Double Chocolate Cheesecake?

Outer Layer

250 gms chocolate cookies; 1 tablespoon sugar; 6 tablespoons butter, melted



300 g

ms  semisweet chocolate bar , chopped ;900 gms  of cream cheese ;6 table spoon sugar;4 table spoon cocoa powder;4 large eggs/8 cups of butter milk



3/4 cup whipping cream

200 gms semisweet chocolate, chopped

1 tablespoon sugar




Preheat oven to 350. Grease a 9 or 10 inch pan. Crush the chocolate cookies in a food processor. Put them in a bowl and mix with sugar and melted butter, and then put the mixture in the pan spreading and pressing the mixture making it the bottom layer. Bake 5 minutes, then let cool while we prepare the filling.


Melt the 300 of chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler until smooth. Let it aside to cool. In a large bowl mix cream cheese, sugar, and cocoa powder until smooth. Mix in the eggs blending until smooth. Add in the melted chocolate and mix until blended. Pour over crust and smooth it. Bake about one hour, or until the center is set and appears dry. Remove from oven and let cool 10 minutes. Release the cheesecake from the pan. Cool to room temperature, then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.


To make the topping, melt the whipping cream, 170 gms chocolate, and sugar together in a small saucepan over low heat, until smooth. Pour over the top of the cheesecake and spread so it covers smoothly. Chill until the topping is set, about one hour. Serve cold with vanilla ice-cream with coco chip sprinkled on it and enjoy.