Post Valentine’s Day Love: 50 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special

Now that the Valentine’s day is gone, would you will let the love with your man also go? No, right? So here are some tips to make every day special and filled with love. 50 Ways to make your man feel special Kiss him on the lips. Every day. For a […]

How To Make Husbands Understand We Need To Be Warmed Up?

Women Need Foreplay: Say this in a close group of women and what follows is this “My husband doesn’t really get that sex itself doesn’t do much for me”, “I need a lot of warming up”, “He seems to think there’s something wrong with me”; Like why should we have […]

6 Things We Women Need to Stop Apologising to Other Women For

I’ve been a woman for 28 years and I’ve heard my share of stereotypes. ‘She so fat, bet she is a glutton,’ ‘She’s married for four years and still doesn’t have a baby. Bet she has a problem,’ ‘She is coming home post 10 every night. Bet she doesn’t have […]

This is What a Real Boyfriend Should be Like

Guys! Take time to read this! A REAL BOYFRIEND Don’t care if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now. I don’t care if you are a guy or a woman. Just read this, it will make a difference. If only everyone could see this and understand it. When she […]

Which Type is Your Man

Wedding vows, the most important part of partnership in a marriage, are not just words but promises we make to each other, to stand with one another in good and bad, in health and sickness, in richness and poverty and one of the most important thing though not said aloud […]

Memories from childhood

Today i am 32 and mother of two kids, when i see my 5 year old daughter it reminds of my childhood. It amazes me the way she gets her things done from me . She has this favorite story of hers “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” which she makes […]