A. R. Rahman, Kapil Sibal, Lata Mangeshkar – Laadli | Raunaq

Dedicated to #VogueEmpower – ‘Laadli’ is the Raunaq of Life and reflects the theme of women’s empowerment. Kapil Sibal’s moving poetry is set to melodious music by A.R. Rahman. Lata Mangeshkar’s beautiful voice adds soul to this song about the strength of a woman. The video is directed by Bejoy […]

Superwoman: How I Work Out

Going to the gym and working out is the biggest task for most of us. We always try to find a reason to avoid it. Here’s how Superwoman aka Lily Singh works out. She says “Getting myself into a gym is a three day mission. I have a million and […]

Things Girls Secretly Love To Do Alone

Here is a video from Buzzfeed which shows some Things That every girl Secretly loves to do when alone.   Things Girls Secretly Love To Do Alone     Weird Things Girls Do When They’re Alone So what do you think after watching this video?? Agree with it? Have you […]

Singer Boogie Re-touched as the Song Progresses

Dubious Photoshop has never sounded so good. In December, artist Boggie released a music video for her song “Nouveau Parfum” (sung in both French, below, and Hungarian) that shows her transformation from a makeup-free face to a gussied-up, glamorized version of herself. There is a VFX credit with the video, […]

Captain Rathore Creates a Beautiful Moment for His Wife

Check out our new TV commercial – which brings back the tagline “Har Ghar Kucch Kehta Hai” but with a different, modern twist. See how Captain Rathore creates a beautiful moment for his wife the first time he brings her home.

Beauty should be the source of confidence, not anxiety

Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. In this meaningful Dove advertisement, you will see how beautiful you are from others perspective. Beauty should be the source of confidence, not anxiety. In this advertisement you will see, a compelling social […]

Evergreen Romantic Movies

Hey girls isn’t it so romantic? Everywhere you see there is romance. Heaven has let its blue and black tuxedo carrying gentlemen to woo the most amazing creation “The nature” who has got dressed up in most magnificent Emerald green gown with sweet fragrance of soil and beautiful mind boggling […]