Benefits of Beer

A cold ______ is refreshing on a hot summer afternoons, while a ______ will warm you up faster than cuddling a blanket near a fire on winter’s coldest nights. A pint of _____ Tasted good with some non-vegetarian fix and ______ is good when you go on diet .  Yes, you guessed it right. Beer is a most preferred drink as it is young and a crowd pleaser. There is something for everyone for all tastes and all seasons .It also has some unexpected benefits. The health-conscious group of people surely avoid the malty beverage due to the high calorie content. But don’t take a vow of leaving it as yet!! Read this. Here are some nutritious reasons to raise a glass or bottle to your good health.

1. Controlled proportion

Beer is the only one which is packed in a proportion control. So if you are a health conscious it’s easy to limit it to one or at least keep track of how many you had.

2. Vitamin rich

Beer is full of B vitamins from the yeasts used to brew and ferment it. Specially Unfiltered beers are high in vitamin B content like B3, B6 and folic acid (B9) which help in cell repair, eases PMS and aids in colon cancer prevention.

3. High dose of fiber

Beer has fibers which act as a natural laxative. It suppresses the appetite as it reduces the rate at which the food leaves the stomach which prevents overeating.

4. Stress Buster

A beer keeps stress and heart attacks away. When consumed in moderate* quantity can reduce stress and anxiety which reduces chances of cardiac distress. (Moderate* is defined as up to 12 ounces per day for women and 24 ounces per day for men.)

5. Lowers the risk of type-2 diabetes

Studies and research have shown that beer drinkers have 30 percent lesser risk of type-2 diabetes than who abstained.

Women Drinking Beer

6. Lower risk of developing gallstones

According to medical scientist beer drinkers have a reduced risk for gallstones.

7. It has anti-microbial properties

Hops, the bitter flowers used in brewing, are known to be antimicrobial, which could fight disease.

8. Good for your muscle development

Muscles benefit from a substance in hops that keeps muscle from deteriorating.

9. High content of silicon

Two brewskis a day could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. A research states that high intake of silicon limits aluminum absorption in the brain, which in turn could aid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

10. Moderate beer consumption is good for bone density

Beer could keep bones strong. Heavy drinking, however would lead to bone loss.

11. It can reduce the risk of heart disease

Incidences of heart disease for beer drinkers were lower than for wine or whiskey drinkers.

12. Helps you connect

A brew also has social benefits. A beer can loosen you up. Alcohol can boost courage and chattiness. However, some people continue to drink because of the perceived expectation that if one is good, a lot is even better. We all know more beer doesn’t make us more charming and attractive. Everyone knows how that story ends.

So, Ales and lagers are actually good for you (in moderation). Cheers!