Addicted to fashion: Neons

Neon ColorsCelebrate this festive season with neons…

Fuscia, electric blue, flashy green, shimmery yellow are in vogue…everyone’s going gaga about flaunting their styles with these hues…  seems these r the only colours everyone wants…just because u spot few celebs wearing them.. 3 months back if asked no one would even dare to wear such colours but now it seems they rule fashion space.. Be it western outfits, accessories, Indian outfit, bags or shoes its only and only neons.


Neon Style Kareena

How to actually have neon in your wardrobe going to flashy..

These colours are too bright though in vogue if not paired properly u can actually end up looking like a colour bee…best way to team up these bright colours is to use them with a combination of black and white or beige..

Just use these to highlight your tunics by giving piping or may be just accessorize your outfit with neons… also another option to use a neon without making your outfit look too flashy is to team it with white… like neon as our inner nd a white transparent shirt or shrug.. or a beige kurta with a neon Dupatta…For more styling tips and combinations visit.. Odhani

Dhara :- Head: Fashion consultant @ (Odhani clothes n sarees)

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