About Us

We all know ourselves very well…that’s what we do, but knowing a woman from another woman’s eyes may give you the exact idea about what the person is. So we will go a bit off-track here and rather than describing ourselves about what and who we are, let’s hear it from each other’s mouth…because this is all about us…the women…by us…from us…and for us!

Ridhima??? From Bhavini’s mouth!

Ridhimaaaaa…a lady who is a mother of 2, yet a girl at heart! Chirpy yet silent, mature yet naughty and clever yet innocent! Who would say that there is yet a 15 year old girl residing in the heart of this intense looking woman! She believes in a world which is full of good people, good things…someone who probably dwells in fairy tale world! I sometimes feel like shaking her up and saying…Rids…wake up! This is a real world! :p

But probably this is what makes her so unique and loving…a nature which is full of help and gratitude to those who need, sharing love and happiness to all around her and making everyone feel that nothing in this world is bad…all is just toooo good!

Bhavini…errr…From Ridhima’s mouth!

Bhavini…hear someone calling her and you can expect a speedy car wooshing by! Someone really needs to tell her at times…that Bhavs…hold on…chillax…take it easy!

A woman whose been in the corporate world for almost 12 years and exactly knows and understands how to tackle people…be it men or women! Her experience about judging people, events and outcomes is something I look forward to! For her, live life every day and forget about the bad that happens…it’s a passé and won’t come back…good or bad!

Hakuna matata is her motto in life…no worries for the rest of your day and she follows this principle of “Live and Let Live”

Rids and Bhavs together: Well, we are like the north and south, yet one thing common between us is the woman instinct! So what you can expect from us here is the best of both worlds! Keep checking and enjoy!!!

About Paradise4women.com

The fairer sex has…is and always will be the most important human in this ecosystem.  Understanding a woman has always been the biggest challenge for any man…and I guess we enjoy in leaving it that way since however hard a man tries, he can never understand a woman well enough! On this platform, we give all our sisters, daughters and mothers a chance to express themselves, understand what other women feel and make them realize their true potential and worth!

This space would give you all the info you always wanted be it from grooming, make up tips, cooking, parenting, sex and health, body, life…every single thing that’s important for us!

The site is an information hub for Women. It is of the women, by the women and for the women. 🙂

And what more…we will soon also go a step ahead in getting to you all the things which you would always need to make you feel like an absolute complete women! Keep watching this space for a lot of action, offers, stuff and much more…