10 Reasons Your Gym Workout is Useless

Losing weight can be a laborious task, especially for those of us that aren’t blessed with skinny genes and a super-fast metabolism. What’s worse, sometimes endless hours on the treadmill don’t work either. If you’re about to throw in that gym towel in frustration, we’re here to help.

Check out if you too are making these mistakes at your gym that are ruining your fitness plan.

  1. Your workout is not right for your body:

If you need to lose the heavy bottom or the bingo wings, just cardio will not help. You might a combination of weights and spot reduction exercises too to tone up and lose the flab. Hire a personal trainer who can suggest the correct exercises for the right body part.10 Reasons Your Gym Workout is Useless

  1. You eat back all your burned calories:

Just because you ran on that treadmill for about 20 minutes does not give you the right to dig into that triple-layered chocolate pastry. When you gym and burn those calories make sure you don’t overeat and get those burnt calories back in your body.

  1. Only exercise won’t work:

If you feel exercise does magic, let us tell you the truth, it doesn’t. Exercise certainly helps you burn calories but not as much as you think. Even an intense workout for an hour would only burn around 400 to 500 calories, while you may end up eating several hundreds of calories in a single meal. Make sure you balance the workout by eating the right foods in the right quantities.

  1. Doing the same routine:

Don’t gym on autopilot. Not only will you soon get bored, but you might also end up losing no weight. Even while gym-ing, try out different equipment and exercises to work your whole body.Reasons Your Gym is Useless

  1. You don’t need to lose weight:

For many people who have a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index), losing weight is unnecessary. You might just need to tone up or increase your stamina. For such people, losing weight becomes difficult, as there is very little fat to lose. Hence, try workouts which will help you stay fit, tone up and increase your stamina.

  1. One set for all:

Just lifting weights 15 times (one set) won’t help you turn your fat into muscle. Yes, initially you should go slow with the process but eventually make sure you do at least three sets of each exercise to kill the extra fat.

  1. You are not consistent:

It’s important to be consistent with your gym training. Skipping days or going to the gym only twice a week will not give you the desired results. Be regular with your workout and devote a good amount of time to your exercise to lose weight faster.

  1. You are using the equipment wrong:

We would suggest you are always accompanied by a trainer who can help you with the gym equipment. Make sure you use the gym equipment in the right manner. Otherwise, no matter how hard you work out, it won’t help your body and you might end up hurting yourself too.Reasons Your Gym Workout is Useless

  1. You don’t know your body type:

It’s important to understand what exercise works for your body.  Test your body before and after gymming. Learn about the changes that occur due to certain exercises. This will help you understand your body type and the exercises that will be most effective on you.

  1. The gym isn’t to be blamed:

Well, if you have tried all ways to lose weight and still haven’t succeeded, there might be a different reason for it. It may be possible that you have a medical problem that you are unaware of e.g. thyroid, hormonal imbalance or other. Get a Blood test done and see a Doctor for consultation.