How To Buy Your Wedding Lehenga

Shopping for your wedding lehenga can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. You probably have been dreaming about it from a very long time. You want everything to be perfect on “The Day” of yours. What you most pray for is that you look beyond perfect. Princess. Sore of every girl’s eye and every […]

How To Buy Your Wedding Lehenga 04

Things Girls Secretly Love To Do Alone

Things Girls Secretly Love To Do Alone

Here is a video from Buzzfeed which shows some Things That every girl Secretly loves to do when alone.   Things Girls Secretly Love To Do Alone     Weird Things Girls Do When They’re Alone So what do you think after watching this video?? Agree with it? Have you done all or some of […]

This Valentine’s Getaway Packing Guide

The best part about Valentine’s Day this year is the fact that it falls on a weekend. The perfect excuse to pack your bags and head to a romantic getaway on Friday night instead of going in for the usual dine-and-party routine. While you dedicate some time to choosing a romantic destination, we’ve made things […]

This Valentines Getaway Packing Guide

Sports Bra Fit

You’re Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

There’s more to sports bras than adding a pop of color to your gym gear. A sports bra can make or break your workout – with a good one, everything’s in the right place and you look as hot as one can while breaking a sweat on the Stairmaster, Jumping Jacks, Skipping ropes; wear the […]